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  Taiwanese Hokkien
  Tigrinya, Eritrea
  Tigrinya, Ethiopia
  Tok Pisin
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Bibles In This Language

Turkish Audio New Testament for the Blind

Turkish Audio New Testament MP3

Turkish Bible (hardcover)

Turkish Bible (Kutsal Kitap Yeni Ceviri) - New Turkish Trust Version, with maps

Turkish Bible - New Turkish Trust Version (hardcover)

Turkish Bible Online

Turkish Bible OV/syn leather/BST

Turkish Bible Text Modern (Hardback)

Turkish Bible Text Turb53 (Hardback)

Turkish Gospel of John (paperback)

Turkish Large Print New Testament (New Revised Translation) - Paperback

Turkish New Testament (Hardback)

Turkish New Testament (New translation published in 1996)

Turkish New Testament (New translation) – Paperback

Turkish New Testament (vinyl)

Turkish New Testament - New Version (paperback)

Turkish New Testament OV/pck pp/BST

Turkish New Testament UBS Text (hardcover)

Turkish/English Bilingual New Testament (Paperback)

Turkish/French Bilingual New Testament (Compact Size)

Turkish/German Bilingual New Testament (Paperback)